What is edu|FOCUS?

edu|FOCUS is the blog of The Franklin Foundation for Innovation, a non-profit public foundation focused on the protection of America’s public education infrastructure and ensuring a future of American innovation. The Franklin Foundation’s core belief is that Philanthropy is the best way to tackle the social issue of a decrease in innovation, and poor access to opportunity for America’s future generations.

The edu|FOCUS blog is our way of sharing today’s top issues concerning the social issue of educational decline in America with everyday people who want to look beyond the media, and beyond the rhetoric, to understand what’s really going on in our schools, and share a national dialogue on what we can do to prevent privatization and profiteering and protect our schools.

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation is interested in striking up a national conversation about the true impacts of education on our society in the long-term and providing real solutions to enhance and improve our national education infrastructure for our next generation of Americans.

Everyone is a Stakeholder

Are there things happening where you live that affect your child’s public school education? Let us know – we want to hear from parents, lawmakers, business people, and educators because face it…we ALL are stakeholders in the success of our national education infrastructure. Individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to share information with us. We’re also looking for guest contributors, so please reach out if interested!

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