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Happy Maker’s Day in NJ!

If you pay attention to news related to New Jersey you’ll be inundated with a wide stream of articles and newscasts related to the state’s seemingly endless education issues; from overpaid superintendents, to policy makers choosing wealthy corporations over the desires of educators and parents, there has been no shortage of low-lights to cover. Until today. Today is Maker’s Day in New Jersey. A day dedicated to people who make things and innovate in the state.

Makers Day NJI personally love this idea. It’s an opportunity for individuals who like to make things to showcase and celebrate American innovation. It is our innovative spirit that allowed us to hold dominance over world commerce practically since our formation.

The effort has, quite successfully I would add, created a culture of innovation that receives very little recognition or press. Matter of fact, it was one of our readers who told us about the existence of this day-long festival in the first place. If you like to make electronics, robots, models, or anything else – this day celebrates you and we think that’s awesome!

Visit them at for more information. You can even watch the seminars at the New Jersey Institutes of Technology live via

Do you have something similar in your state? Tell us about it, and we will spread the word with others! You can celebrate Maker’s Day with your own kids at home by encouraging them to build something. Robot and microcomputer kits are available at hobby stores everywhere, and can provide a great opportunity for family time and learning time to co-exist simultaneously.

Happy Maker’s Day everyone!

Endre Walls
Endre Walls

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation's CEO and Chairman first founded the non-profit back in 2008 with the idea of improving America's education system to protect the future of American Innovation. An award-winning technology executive and father of 2, he believes anything is possible, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure unlimited possibilities for America's children no matter where they live.

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